This is the number one question I get.

I am going to assume you have already created the listing and have your product in your possession. 


First sign into Amazon Seller Central.

Next click on the Inventory tab and then the Manage FBA Inventory tab.

(Inventory —-> Manage FBA Inventory )


Next set the drop down menu to Send/Replenish Inventory and select the products you want to send in as shown in the picture above

Click Go and on the next page click


Type in the amount of the product you want to send in and click


On the next page click


Next it may tell you that your product needs to be labeled with a UPC code.

You can have Amazon do it for about 20 cents a unit.

You can do it yourself, but you have to buy label paper that comes 30 per sheet like this.

Once you decide which route makes more sense for you click


If you are lucky, all of your products will go to the same fulfillment center.

If you are unlucky it will get split up like this


Next click the Inventory tab on top and then click on Manage FBA Shipments

Click on the first shipment as shown by the arrow below


Next click Review and Modify Units to see how many you units you need to send to that fulfillment center

You may send 6 more or 6 less then the desired amount.

If you are crafty you can send extra to other fulfillment centers so you can delete the small shipments.

Next you will want to make sure these fields are checked


Load all your products into a box.

Make sure the box does not exceed 50 Lbs. If the box exceeds 50 Lbs, you will have to send multiple boxes.

Next weigh your box and mesure all sides.

Enter that information below. Add another box if necessary.


Next Click


Next Click


After you accept the chargers, click Print Box Labels.

It will look like this


Tape box labels on the corresponding boxes

It will most likely ship UPS.

Take the boxes to an UPS  Store or pickup locaton and they will do the rest.