What makes a good Amazon consultant? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Different companies need different things out of their Amazon consultants as described here in another blog post. An established brand that sells all over the world will need different consultants compared to a startup who is looking to launch and scale on Amazon.

Four different types of companies that need an Amazon Consultant.

  • Established brand
  • Manufacturer
  • Start-up
  • Wholesalers

Established brands

Established brands need Amazon consultants the most. Most of them have no clue how to measure any of the core metrics and only get sales because of their established brand name, not because of anything they did on Amazon. They usually start out fairly successful but plateau quickly. There is usually a lot of low hanging fruit for Amazon experts and an increase in sales can almost be seen immediately.


This can be a bit tougher. Since the manufacturer has been branding for other companies for many years, they can’t use their brand name to jump on pre-existing listings and skip the launch phase. The main advantage manufacturers have is that they have products at very low prices and have an amazing knowledge of their niche. It is possible to bring a manufacturing company on to Amazon and have great success.  You will have to start from scratch, so make sure you have an Amazon consultant that knows what is ahead of them.


Obviously, start-ups are usually boom or bust. This is the same for their Amazon accounts. I have talked to many start-ups who put the cart before the horse and wanted an Amazon expert before they even manufactured a single unit.  From consultant’s point of view, it can be super fun and inspiring to work with such hungry entrepreneurs. They need to be prepared that everything will not go smoothly. Make sure you hire an Amazon consultant who is ready for anything.


Wholesalers usually have the hardest time transitioning to Amazon. Wholesalers usually do not have the pricing advantage that the manufacturers have. They also can not depend on their brand name since wholesalers usually have large catalogs of unbranded products. If the products are unique, a good Amazon consultant may be able to come up with a gameplan.

So depending if you are an established brand, start-up, manufacturer or wholesaler, you will need the Amazon consultant that fits your specific needs and has experience in that area.

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